GPR | Tunnel/Building Safety

Reliable crack detection with CRIS

Decision-makers of the construction industry are responsible for the implementation of safety measures in time. The detection of damages at an early stage therefore is paramount.

High-resolution GPR devices enable destruction-free precision investigations of buildings, tunnels and bridges as well as the location of cables in walls. 

For an optimised, reliable data evaluation, RST constructed a hand-held high-resolution multi scanner in a robust body:

Measurement with hand-held device

CRIS (Crack Inspection System)

  • covers a width of 40 cm with one measurement
  • enables high-resolution measurements of areas that are difficult to access at a penetration depth of up to two metres
  • locates fine cracks in mines and tunnels
  • inspects walls and buildings for the location of plastic pipes
  • investigates concrete armorings and reinforcements 
  • localizes water inclusions
  • maps 3D structures



Selection from the RST portfolio:

Reference project: CRIS (Crack Inspection System)

Development of a radar system to detect cracks in hard rock mines in co-operation with MIRARCO (Mining Innovation, Rehabilitation and Applied Research Company, Canada).

Customer: ESA (European Space Agency)

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