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Experts with enthusiasm

Radar development is our mission. Our motivation originates from a culture of appreciation lived within the company. Satisfied customers and worldwide renowned radar projects confirm our philosophy: The best conditions for successful, interdisciplinary teamwork prosper in a healthy working atmosphere.

Our expert team under the guidance of the radar pioneer Prof. Hans-Martin Braun includes engineers and computer scientists, software and hardware developers, process engineers, physicists and laboratory technicians.

RST Team
Prof. Dr. Hans Martin Braun and Dipl. Ing. Angelika Braun

Reconnaissance for a peaceful world

"For many years now, we have been engaging in the field of imaging satellite radar. The high resolution provides images which considerably facilitate the situation analysis of trouble spots. Our technological achievements support transparent processes for a coexistence  in which neither mankind nor the environment gets harmed.  Transparency is the key to our cooperation – both within the company as well as with partners and customers.  Clear statements instead of vague assumptions – this is what we stand for at RST!"

Prof. Dr. Hans Martin Braun
Founder of the RST Radar Systemtechnik GmbH


At the service of mankind and for the protection of our planet

"Radar at the service of mankind and for the protection of our planet – this is the mission statement to which all RST employees are committed. The chance to perceive changes of the environment through early warning systems, become more and more important in times of global warming. Like our ASIRAS project, which is used by international research stations in order to measure the changes of the global ice volume."

Dipl.-Ing. Angelika Braun
Co-founder of the RST Radar Systemtechnik GmbH


Discover what's underneath

"Radar waves go far beyond the boundaries of optical measuring instruments. They give us the possibility to look into the heart of our planet – in photo-realistic quality! A true all-round talent which is completely independent from weather and lighting conditions and thus provides almost unlimited fields of application."

Harald Lentz 
Team leader hardware department


Team first, then technology

"Here, I am not only growing with the challenges of path-breaking technologies. For me it is extremely exciting to learn from all the different professional groups which come together here at RST. The interdisciplinary exchange among colleagues is fun and strengthens our team spirit."

Birgit Jackson 
Project management, coordination and QMR