SAR Applications

SAR applications for earth observation

  • infrastructural planning
  • topographic surveying and mapping
  • creation and update of maps for transportation and shipping
  • evaluation of traffic volume
  • structural analyses of roads, bridges, banks and buildings, before and after completion for insurance industry
  • examination of damages after flooding, forest fire, earth quake etc.
  • monitoring fillings of oil tanks and the state of pipelines in the gas and oil industry
  • exploring natural resources
  • documentation of forest decline and polar ice
  • investigating movements of sand dunes and expansions of deserts
  • availability check of food and fresh water resources
  • military surveillance and policing of borders and coasts as well as buildings, airports, roads and harbours 
  • controling nuclear power plants, petrochemical factories, refineries and pipelines
  • reliable day and night operations
  • fast access and high repetition rate (A&R2)
  • "Far-Out-Of-Area (FOOA)" surveillance possibilities