SAR – Excellent image results in all circumstances

Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) systems allow for a virtual high-resolution image generation of surfaces and are capable of extracting complex information from these images using modern computer technology.

Latest computer technology

SAR offers an advantage over other photographical and display devices, as it is not affected by light and atmospheric conditions.

RST develops SAR systems for both air and space. Quality control is unsurpassed as the entire system is from one single source. RST is responsible for the design and development, installation, testing and operation.

Particular attention is given to processing algorithms, which is what makes the generation of high-resolution SAR images possible (SAR processing).

Data acquisition of a SAR satellite
Satellite picture of the Lake Constance region

RST's services include:

  • SAR analysis and design
  • SAR raw data simulation
  • SAR processor development
  • SAR parameter generator (SPG) software development
  • Testing of radar system in all development and integration steps
  • Installation of the test system
  • Transponder with Active Radar Calibrators (ARC) 
  • SAR calibration in orbit and measurement quality control



GPR – Rising to the challenge of planetary exploration

RST pioneers in the field of GPR. Within the framework of a project called GINGER, RST developed a technology for the European Space Agency (ESA) , that is supposed to be used for the exploration of foreign planets in future missions  – the "Stepped Frequency GPR technology".

It offers the advantage of high measuring quality at a very low data transfer rate. The end-result: high-resolution images with extremely low energy consumption. As with measurements and investigations on the earth, GINGER allows for the same measurements in extra-terrestrial areas.

All products developed by RST feature state-of-the-art technology and are continually refined by our experts. In the field of GPR, we focus on the development of customized products and applications for your requirements. Read more under GPR and Custom Design.

Measurement of the planet's surface