Flight and Landing Safety

Safe (spot) landing in difficult conditions

Adverse weather conditions like snow or fog complicate the landing safety in resue operations with helicopters. Safety-relevant factors like trees, cableway cables, lampposts and other obstacles  during landing or flight can be fatal for the rescue team. When visibility conditions are limited, a helicopter landing radar is the efficient solution for the detection of obstacles during the flight and landing phase.

RST not only manufactures highly technological sensor products, but also combines them with profound aerospace know-how. Within the framework of the EUROSTARS program me, a product was developed  meeting state-of-the-art technology standards:

Heli-FLR (Helicopter Flight and Landing Radar)

  • cooperation with test partner DRF air rescue 
  • cost-effective solution to close safety gaps in rescue operations
  • increases the operational readiness even in difficult conditions
Heli-FLR – supported by the EUROSTARS programme of the European research initiative EUREKA and the European Commission.

Selection from the RST portfolio:

Reference project: Helicopter Flight & Landing Radar

RST is leading a consortium with ELBIT and German Helicopter based Rescue organization DRF for developing an interferometric 3D-Topograpy generating RADAR.

Customer: European Union – EUROSTARS Program

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