Polar Research

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The Earth's climate is considerably influenced by existing ice deposits. Due to the immensity found in the Arctic and Antarctic, area-wide ice investigations can ony be carried out with satellites. First, only their expansion, but not the thickness of the ice could be determined. For a more detailed detection of sea and land ice masses with regard to their expansion and amount more precise measurements were necessary. 

Within the framework of the European Space Agency (ESA), the reciprocal influences of polar ice and global warming are investigated. For this purpose, RST developed a measuring instrument (Radar Altimeter), which is used on planes flying over the Arctic and Antarctic. Since the middle of the last decade, RST's technology has significantly contributed to environmental research and has helped calibrate the ice observation satellite for the ESA.

ASIRAS (Airborne Synthetic Aperture and Interferometric Radar Altimeter System)

  • is specially optimized for the use on planes
  • delivers data for the calibration of the SIRAL (Synthetic Aperture Inferometric Radar Altimeter) sensor on board of the satellite CryoSat
  • provides valuable findings on the topograohy of special areas of the Arctic and Antarctic
  • can look back on many successful measurement campaigns in the Bay of Bothnia, Svalbard, Greenland and the Canadian Arctic

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