Cutting-edge radar software

Radar systems for airplanes and helicopters are a challenge for high-tech companies. The requirements are manifold:

  • image generation via SAR
  • flight altitude measuring via altimetry
  • flight path observation via forward-looking radar
  • ground topography generation via radar interferometry
Development of high-tech technology
Measurement flight over ice (DLR (CC-BY 3.0))
Coastal observation via SAR
SAR-image above water, ship identification

Airborne radar systems get their measuring quality from a highly sophisticated software application. Since the company's foundation, the development of this software technology has been among its core competencies. It is what transforms all RST radar systems into unique products.

RST's range of software capabilities:

  • compensation of movement by the airborne SAR in image generation
  • unfocused SAR application with radar altimeters
  • stereometry for the radar altimetry
  • interferometric methods for a forward-looking radar
  • Kalman filter-based one-dimensional radar interferometer for ground topography measurement

Software development is supported through realistic radar raw data simulation. This makes it possible to develop and test software programmes while the hardware is still in development.

RST is an expert in radar raw data simulation. The company’s simulators have been used in many development projects and refined to perfection through years of successful use.

RST’s considerable expertise gained in testing radar systems helps make the simulation as real as possible. This allows for the seamless and simultaneous development of software and hardware. The end result is high measuring quality for a moderate expenditure of time and cost.

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SAR-image above countryside