GPR | Ground Penetration Applications

GPR – a solution for many fields of application

Whether the goal is to detect cracks in mines, find hidden objects in bricks or soil, analyse natural resources or determine glacier volumes, non-destructive radar scanning provides infinite possibilities for safe examination and clear measurement results. In all of these cases, RST offers an efficient, customised solution.

Safety through radar technology
Ground penetration in railway construction
Airborne geological measurements

The RST Radar Systemtechnik GmbH is worldwide among the leading developers of Stepped Frequency GPRs (Ground Penetration Radars) for geological measurements, railway and road construction, mining safety or landmine location. 

We focus on the development of custom-made GPR systems consisting of perfectly tuned components:

  • radar electronics
  • antennas
  • control software
  • data collection
  • visualisation software

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