Industrial Applications

Reliable measuring technology under extreme conditions

The industry branch imposes high requirements on measuring technology. Industrial processing depends on continuous filling level measurements of process tanks, storage tanks or silos to ensure optimum refilling.

RST worked with Z&J Technolgies GmbH to develop a contact-free method to measure filling level and material distribution. The HORA radar technology can be used during the operation of a blast furnace. It provides reliable results even with high temperatures, excessive temperature variations and a heavily soiled measurement atmosphere.

Advantages of the HORA topography measurement:

  • continuous measurements of the bulk material during
  • operationdisplay of 3D height profiles of the bulk surface
  • surface scan after every filling
  • determination of the filling level at user-defined points
  • quick, exact scan
  • robust, blast furnace suitable design
Blast furnace radar system

Selection from the RST portfolio:

Reference project: BFR (Blast Furnace Radar)

Development of a Blast Furnace Radar for continuous measurement of the material distribution within a blast furnace.

Customer: Z & J Technologies GmbH

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