Product: SAR Raw Data Simulator

Raw data simulation

Flexible Software for SAR Raw Data Simulation especially for high resolution SAR (SLIP/SPOT SAR Modi).

During the development of a SAR system, many tests have to be performed in order to verify that the current system design fulfills the requirements of the customer. SAR Raw Data Simulators allow the generation of representative raw data of the future SAR system. This data can then be used to check the performance of different SAR processing algorithms and the complete SAR system in general. RST has developed a very flexible software framework for SAR Raw Data Simulator with emphasis on very high resolution SAR systems. Also complex system characteristics like changing transmit pulse sequences and perturbations of signals and flight path can be incorporated.

The SAR Raw Data Simulator is a stand-alone software package which includes all modules necessary for realistic raw data simulation:

  • orbit / flight path selection,
  • point target / scene editor,
  • SAR, antenna and signal characteristics editor,
  • generation of auxiliary output files,
  • conversion utility for output data (custom format possible).

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