Crack detection in the mine/ data acquisition in the mine

Development of a radar system to detect separations in potash mines in co-operation with MIRARCO (Mining Innovation, Rehabilitation and Applied Research Company, Canada).

Customer: PCS (Potash Cooperation of Saskatchewan), ESA (European Space Agency)

Potash Mine

In different potash mines (operated by PCS) in the Saskatchewan area the mapping of geological boundaries and separations and the distinction of them by using PRIS was successfully demonstratedd

Snow and ice thickness measurement

In collaboration with the Swiss Institute for Avalanche Research (SLF) in Davos, PRIS was used to detect internal layers in snow packs. The stratification of the different snow layers was easily detectable in the radar results. The accuracy of the results was verified by different direct profiling methods (density measurements, IR photography, Snow MicroPen).

Pavement inspection

The applicability of PRIS for pavement inspection was demonstrated in a test center of the Chinese Road Authority. The thickness of pavement layers as well as irregularities within the pavement could be detected by the instrument.