Reference project: Wide Surface Monitoring SAR “WSMS”

Coastal surveillance SAR

RST developed an airborne image generating RADAR for monitoring sea and coastal areas.

Customer: Coast Guards

2010/2011 RST developed an image generating RADAR (SAR) for aircraft applications. This RADAR was specially developed for missions above moving sea surfaces, e.g. oil detection and ship recognition.

WSMS was successfully tested above the North Sea. The structure of the water surface is clearly visible, so that the oil pollution can be detected accurately. The movements of the aircraft are compensated for.

Ships which are more than 5 m apart are detected as different targets. Targets in the size of buoys are visible in front of background wave signals. The covered swath width is up to 46 km.

The first two systems were delivered to official customers in China.

In addition to the WSMS standard version for aircrafts with an operation speed between 240-450 km/h the new version WSMS-S was developed in 2014. This version is suitable for platform speeds between 90-120 km/h.

The weight was reduced while retaining all necessary image quality parameters.

Target platforms are gyrocopter or drones.