Detection of Landmines

HOPE – in operation for peace and safety

Detection result

Landmines are highly explosive booby traps under the earth surface or on the bottom of the sea. In times of peace, it is our obligation to render affected areas walkable and usable again for the population.

The detection and disarming of landmines are long-term processes and require an extremely thorough way of proceeding. RST significantly takes part in the research of highly precise demining systems and most recently provided a radar which was specially developed for the EU project HOPE (Handheld Operated Demining System). 

HOPE (Handheld Operated Demining System)

  • high-resolution radar system
  • easy to use hand-held measuring device for the location of landmines 
  • combination of highly developed metal detector, microwave radio meter und multi-sensory GPR (Ground Penetration Radar) of RST 
  • calculation of a three-dimensional image with a post processing software   
  • operation in test measurements in Italy and Bosnia-Herzegovina
  • building inspection for the location of pipes and cables
  • investigation of snow density and ice covers in ski areas  

Selected services of the RST portfolio:

HOPE + Landmine detection in Sarajevo

Validation campaign for HOPE in Ispra (Italy). On a secial test-site for landmines. Different types of landmines in various soils were detected.

Customer: EU (European Union)

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Reference project: HOPE (Hand-held Landmine Detector)

Development of a Radar sensor for the Detection of anti-personnel mines.

Customer: European Community, Supported by ESA (European Space Agency)

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