Stepped Frequency Radar

In the 1990s, RST introduced the highly efficient Stepped Frequency Radar. Originally designed as a forward-looking radar for planetary vehicles of the European Space Agency (ESA), it was finally used as Ground Penetration Radar (GPR) on earth.  For the exploration of close-to-surface soil layers, RST perfected the path-breaking Stepped Frequency Technology.

Path-breaking technology
Investigation principle of GPR
Airborne exploration

Advantages compared to common short pulse GPRs:

  • better provides high bandwithds
  • carries out reflexion measurement in both absolute and phase value
  • sender and receiver feature the same high switching speed as short pulse technology 
  • improved technology through bundled antennas with very high bandwith
  • operates on ground-based or airborne vehicles, as well as satellites and planetary orbiters
  • „gated“ Stepped Frequency GPRs allow for large penetration depths from flying platforms