GPR | Measurement Campaigns

Tested technology

We do not rely on theoretical forecasts. We focus on the processing and testing of innovative technology until we find the best possible solution for your project. 

A number of RST developments has already stood the test many times: 

HERA (Helicopter Radar)

  • airborne radar technology for images of areas which are difficult to access
  • particularly fast data acquisition of large areas
  • developed in cooperation with the BGR (Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources) for BMWi (Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology)

Geological measurements


 PRIS (Potash Roof Inspection System) 

  • radar system for the localisation of separations in mines
  • developed in cooperation with  MIRARCO (Mining Innovation, Rehabilitation and Applied Research Company, Canada) for PCS (Potash Cooperation of Saskatchewan, Canada)

Mining safety


CRIS (Crack Inspection System)

  • geo radar for the localisation of cracks and layers in mines
  • developed in cooperation with MIRARCO (Mining Innovation, Rehabilitation and Applied Research Company, Canda) for ESA (European Space Agency)

Tunnel and building stability



  • mulit-functional development and testing device
  • supports the identification of the best parameters for different fields of application

Road and railway construction


DEEPER (Deep Penetration Radar)

  • low frequency device
  • penetration depths of up to 50 metres 
  • resolution of 3 metres


HOPE (Handheld Operated Demining System)

  • hand-held measuring device for the location of landmines
  • multi-sensory radar for the project of the European Commission on the development of a landmine detector, tests in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Italy

Localisation of landmines


 GINGER (Guidance and into the ground exploration radar)

  • multi-functional radar for a planetary rover
  • developed for the ESA (European Space Agency)

Planetary research

HERA-G / HERA-G+ (Helicopter Radar Gated)

Helicopter measurement campaigns for tests of the Very Low Frequency GPR "HERA-G" in gated mode.

Customer: BGR (Federal Institute for Geoscience and Natural Resources), LGGE (Laboratoire de Glaciologie et Géophysique de l'Enviroment), ETH Zurich VAW (Versuchsanstalt für Wasserbau, Hydrologie und Glaziologie)

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Helicopter measurement campaigns for tests of the Low Frequency GPR HERA-Z.

Customer: BGR (Federal Institute for Geoscience and Natural Resources)

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Development of a radar system to detect separations in potash mines in co-operation with MIRARCO (Mining Innovation, Rehabilitation and Applied Research Company, Canada).

Customer: PCS (Potash Cooperation of Saskatchewan), ESA (European Space Agency)

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Buried Weapons Detection

Buried Weapons Detection Campaign.

Customer: Bavarian Criminal Investigation Department (German Police)

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Fresh Water Detection

Fresh Water detection campaign in Abu Dhabi.

Customer: Local Authorities in the United Emirates

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HOPE + Landmine detection in Sarajevo

Validation campaign for HOPE in Ispra (Italy). On a secial test-site for landmines. Different types of landmines in various soils were detected.

Customer: EU (European Union)

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